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Welcome to Scott Cooper Miami’s STEM toy guide blog. In this post, we will be exploring one of the most popular toy categories on the market today.

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM toys are toys that function as educational tools that promote learning in young children while allowing them to have fun at the same time. Furthermore, this combination offers children the perfect balance between learning and playing. The demand for STEM toys has grown in recent years with their past successes in improving cognitive functioning in children of all ages.

Scott Cooper Miami — Benefits of using STEM toys

The purpose of STEM toys is to help spark an interest in science, technology, and math in kids from a young age. Ideally, these toys will help children develop the basic skills associated with these subjects and encourage them to explore an education and career in these important and lucrative fields. Scott Cooper Miami states that the key benefits of STEM toys include: promoting special skills, enhancing creativity, developing coordination skills and building divergent thinking in children.

Let’s check out the various products on the market based on categories:

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Science Toys:

Science toys are becoming increasingly popular for children today, as any search engine will show you. They are fun, occasionally messy, and a great way for parents to bond with their kids! Popular toys include crystal growing sets, chemistry sets, telescopes, volcano experiments, and electricity kits.


Technology Toys:

Technology related toys are becoming the norm these days, and you don’t have to look very far to see a child using one. From smartphones and tablets, to toy robots and so much more, techy toys are in demand. These are often the most practical toys that teach kids relevant skills in our technological age.


Engineering Toys:

Does your toddler like playing with tools and trucks? Engineering toys would be a great fit for your little one. A classic example of engineering toys would be LEGO building blocks, as they have been around for decades. These toys help children to develop fine motor skills, constructive problem solving and teamwork skills.

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Mathematical Toys:

Lastly, mathematical toys. Most STEM toys fall into this category in some way or another. LEGOs are typically considered ‘engineering’ toys. However, they are great for hands on adding and subtracting learning. Other math games include LEAPFROG devices and toy cash registers. For future accountants and business leaders, consider purchasing them mathematical toys.

For anyone with a special little toddler in their life, STEM toys are one of the best products to encourage learning and development. Think of all the benefits that a toddler can get from having a STEM toy, from building critical thinking skills to developing hand-eye coordination, these toys can help nurture positive qualities from a young age. Scott Cooper Miami’s list of STEM toys promotes giving a child a gift that will encourage them to grow.

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