4M Crystal Growing Experiment
4M Crystal Growing Experiment

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4M Crystal Growing Experiment Review
  • Grow and display your own vibrant collection of colorful crystals!
  • Using the included crystal solutions and tools, kids simply follow the detailed, step-by-step instructions to create the liquid from which a collection of mesmerizing crystals will actually grow.
  • Encourages logic, scientific learning and exploration.
  • Includes 3 large bags containing white crystal compound (base compound called mondammonium phosphate), 3 small bags containing seeding mixture, large display base with hexagonal cover, 2 medium display bases with hexagonal covers, 4 small display bases with hexagonal covers, stirring bowl, stirring spoon, large ring-shaped template, 2 medium ring-shaped templates, 4 small ring-shaped templates.
  • By the time you’re finished with this kit, you’ll have SEVEN different crystals to put on display.
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